Posted by Bob on Mar 22nd, 2008
Mar 22

Many people never think about their old home movies.  They never give it a second thought after watching them years ago and putting them on the shelf or in the closet.  Well, things happen while you’re NOT watching them.  Their quality fades, sometimes fading away completely.  And, it doesn’t matter whether it’s film or video tape.


You may think leaving them untouched preserves them but it doesn’t.  They can actually go bad just sitting there.  Of course, hot storage locations can make them go bad much quicker, but in order to keep them in a viewable condition, you must transfer them to newer, more up-to-date media.  Doing this keeps the accessible for your children, and your children’s children.  This may seem like a lot of trouble, constantly updating the media on which these precious memories are stored, but it’s not really.  And, it doesn’t cost that much when you consider that your future offspring will never know anything about their ancestors unless you care for these pieces of their memory for them.


Converting any type of film or video to DVD (our current preservation media) should be done as soon as possible.  Each day you delay only causes more degradation in quality.  Many films and several tapes have already been lost to the ravages of time and temperature.  Should you have any questions about how to go about this process, we are available at

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