Different Terms of Cost

Posted by Bob on Jan 31st, 2008
Jan 31

“If we make the investment in hiring a professional to produce our wedding video, how much will it cost?”

There are a few times when you can answer your own question.  “How much will it cost us if we don’t?”

Just think if you had a film of your grand parents wedding.  Would you part with it?  For how much?  For myself, I couldn’t even think about  losing such a piece of my family’s history.  Having a professional wedding video produced will provide years of enjoyment to you and your family, for now and for generations to come.  Capture the emotions of this most special day by making the right investment.

The average rate for an experienced videographer with the proper broadcast quality equipment can be estimated at approximately $100 per hour.  When you consider all the hours required to plan, shoot, edit and produce such a high quality wedding video will be anywhere from 14 to 80 hours (depending upon your coverage and other selections), you can calculate what the cost should be for a top quality wedding video.

Can it be done for less?  Sure, but can you take the chance on this once-in-a-lifetime event.  Sometimes it’s better to spend a little more than planned – instead of less than you should.

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