Personal Service

Posted by Bob on Dec 24th, 2008
Dec 24

The other day I handled a transfer for a lady that wanted to give her grown children a special present about their past.  It had several sequences taken with a particular Santa Claus at a local mall, a man who had truly been the embodiment of the real Santa Claus – unfortunately he has since passed away.  It also had several spots of them playing at the beach and on various vacation trips, along with a few Disney trips too. 


What was most notable was that she had previously visited a local store that had a transfer service offered.  She spent quite a bit of money on their conversion of her footage, but it was poor quality and missed several minutes and several scenes that she didn’t know were there but that she really wanted, especially after I mentioned the amount of footage that was missed. 


Like most people she couldn’t understand why they did this.  As I told her, the big companies that deal with such conversions are generally staffed by people that simply know how to load the machines and make the DVDs and covers.  They don’t watch the quality close enough and have no idea whether everything got transferred or not.  It’s just a more mechanical process than personal, in my opinion.


Well, needless to say she was very happy with the finished product we gave her - and, I’m sure her children will be much happier too.